Philippe prepares his breads according to traditional methods. The breads are made of the best flower: biologic and without additives. Always fresh, because of the natural way of rising and because they are baked more times a day. The breads are risen with leaven. This is a natural way of fermentation. The taste depends on the time that bread rises. This is bread like it is meant to be.



For his products Philippe uses chocolate from different parts of the world. This kind of chocolate has its own specific accents that Philippes processes in his bonbons, patisserie and mousse. Philippe is a partenaire Valrhona (Valrhona is the most premium quality chocolate).



The patisserie is also fresh daily and flows with the seasons. We have patisserie made of strawberries and rhubarb in springtime, figs and blueberries in the summer, and apples, pears and nuts in autumn. Philippe makes traditional cakes, like the French ├ęclair, but he also makes his own creations. This is where the most delicious new flavor combinations arise. No additives, the patisserie keeps their own pure taste.