Artisan, traditional, premium quality and fair products, that is what Pâtisserie Philippe Galerne is all about. In our products you will find French, Dutch, English and Canadian influences. Philippe is not associated with a chain or a group. Philippe bakes his cakes daily in the big open kitchen in the patisserie.The products that are mentioned below are a part of our assortment. To be honest, it is too much to mention everything. You are welcome to explore our wonderful products for yourself!

Classic products

Classic French homemade baguettes, like the Campaillettes and the Epis, delicious pains au chocolat, croissants, piccolo's, brioches, pains au fromage, pains aux raisins. Also stuffed breads like olivebread with garlic and fresh basil, tomatobread and cranberry-walnutbread.



We offer our patisserie in a 1-personcake, a 6 or 10-personscake, but also in petits fours. Poached lemoncake with Italian meringue, chocolatecake (made of Ghana chocolate), classic French applepie made of homemade applesauce, apple-apricotpie, poached pear with almonddough, homemade yellow cream with plum or apricot and ofcourse the famous éclairs chocolat, vanilla or café and the Paris Brest. In the right season we have tartelettes or cake of strawberry, rhubarb, blueberry, raspberry fig and pecannut.



We have a lot of exclusive and special designed delicacies: a mango-limebavarois, chocolatemousse with macaron pistache (chocolate from Venezuela). Special patisserie like le gateaux Basque with orangeblossom/flower, rasp and juice, de Julius chocolatefondant, fruitcakes filled with fresh fruit, madeleines, flan naturel or with plums.

For the weekends and for special occassions we have the mille feuilles, de daquoises (glutefree pastry with a base of meringue, almonds and nuts), the Rachel (chocolate-almonddough with raspberryjam and ganache), charlottes, various fresh fruitbavarois. We also offer special patisserie for birthdays, weddings or company catering.


Other productsOther products

We have lovely salted quiches that you also can order as petits fours, like the quich Lorraine and the vegetarian leek-quiche. Depending on the season we have quiche with wild mushrooms, union, comté cheese, napolitaine or broccoli bleu d’Auvergne.

Our jam is homemade. Twice a week we make two different kind of jam. The most popular one is the raspberryjam. It is rarely unique to buy jam fresh weekly! The jam does not contain preservative, only lots of fresh fruit. Once you have opened the jam, it is best to conserve it in the refrigerator.